Carlife - 99

  • Excellent performance single cartridge seal.
  • Modern & advanced static spring design. Spring is isolated from operating product. Non-clogging.
  • Simple components, inner seal without set screw device, easy for retrofit.
  • Obtains several nations patent on "Shaft Sealing Device Having a Positioning Ring and a Retaining Ring". The structure is very strong, even dissembling the mating pairs, the spring won't fall off.
  • Can resist the run-out of 0.5mm each side. Auto-adjust the misalignment of the shaft. Obviously noted the excellence on the huge vertical pump.
  • Mating pair uses solid TC/SIC/CB, which keeps the precision under long operation.
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Carlife - 99

Carlife 99SSQD™ Cartridge Seal for High Temperature / Dry Running Slurry Application

  • Heavy Duty Process
  • High Temperature Application with Cooling Accessory. May operate as Dual Seal
  • Dry Running Application
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Carlife - 99SSQD™